Mint Mead

May 10th 2011
I started a normal batch with wildflower nothing super special.
O.G. =1.090

May 31st 2011
I racked the mead and moved it to our basement.
S.G. =1.080 (I racked it way to early)

July 26th 2011
It had stopped fermenting (I think it was too cold in our basement) so I racked it a second time and added a little bit of another batch I was making that was still active (it didn’t help it ferment though).
S.G. =1.050

August 4th 2011
I started a 1/2 gallon batch of mead with the same amount of yeast for a 5 gallon batch. Then I added it to the main batch when they both had the same gravity (alcohol level). Now it was fermenting again.

August 14th 2011
I racked it again and added 2 ounces fresh mint leaves and about a tablespoon of lemon peel.
It was still active.
S.G. =1.031

September 1st 2011
I racked it again and removed the mint leaves.
It tasted really good!
Still fermenting
S.G. =1.020

January 16th 2012
Still fermenting.
S.G. =1.002

February 11th 2012
Racked again.

March 3rd 2012
We bottled it! It didn’t taste very good but I hope it will improve with age.

September 7th 2012
We opened a bottle and it had a very different taste. Mint and mead don’t go well together in my opinion maybe if I used a little less mint it would work better.
I sent a bottle to my Dad though and he liked it! So who knows.

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