The Future


I racked my most recent batch a second time yesterday (it basically stopped bubbling).
Removing all the herbs and oak in the process (some anise, nutmeg, vanilla bean, sassafras, cinnamon and american oak ).
I’m thinking of adding some cardamom too (I’m going to try to source the best stuff I can get).

In slightly other news; I bought/found an old book on bee keeping (first published in 1853, it’s the 1973 revision though). It’s becoming a great read. You might be hearing more about bees in the future we’ll see.






Latest update

So my new batch of mead is coming along great.
Instead of heating the must up in a stock pot I stirred the honey in at room temperature (it took about a half hour).
It seems to oxidate the must really well and it makes you feel like a real alchemist!

I just racked it and added some anise, vanilla, sassafras and oak.

In other news; I just tasted a bottle of my first batch of mead today and found it to be quite good. It was always a little bit dry for my liking but the flavors have mellowed with age.

Until next time!

I’m Back!

Hi to all the mead makers/drinkers out there.

I had a long break from writing on here (Life gets so busy!).
Now I’m back and have a few plans for 2014 on the mead making front.
Today I cleaned my brewing equipment and should have a new batch up here by the end of the week or so. Stay tuned

I’ll also be adding a new section to review Mead sold in stores.

Keep you eyes out for some good mead

Hey I’m in France


Right now I’m in France working at a vinyard in the Lot Valley (south of France).

I’m letting my mead just sit around and age while I here so the site won’t change much for a few mouths.  Well if anyone is reading this just leave a comment so I know I’m not just talking to cyberspace.

I hope you’re all doing well.